21 Day At Home Detox Program

March 9-30th. Come join us!



The updated 21 day detox is a wholefood dietary program to help reduce inflammation and toxicity. This latest version has updated science and advanced strategies since first starting this program in 2015. 

The basis of the program is 3-4 meals per day consisting of meats and vegetables while eliminating sugar, alcohol, and caffeine.

People who will benefit from this program is anyone who

  •  is obese
  •  have difficulty losing weight
  •  bad relationship with food
  •  have insulin resistance or diabetes
  •  sleeplessness
  •  mood swings
  •  sugar cravings
  •  arthritis
  •  autoimmune disease
  •  muscle aches
  •  headaches 
  •  high blood pressure
  •  high cholesterol
  •  heart disease 
  •  menstrual problems
  •  acne
  •  eczema
  •  food allergies

The pre sale price of $21 for 21 days you will receive 

  •  A 30 page manual with step by step guidelines and a bonus 30 pages of recipes
  •  Intro webinar to get you started and answer any questions
  •  Private access to over 20 videos of valuable content not mentioned in the booklet. Plus bonus videos that i documented throughout my journey of the the program where I lost 7.5 kilograms in 21 days.
  •  More videos of secret strategies to help lose as much as i did
  •  Daily emails and audio files to listen to on your way to work or at home
  •  Email and phone support
  •  Special supplement discount from my friends in the U.S. at Nutridyn who are going to give all participants 10% off all products. 
  •  Special protocol bundle supplements for Estrogen dominance, chronic inflammation and my favorite the ultimate sleep bundle. These are all secrets that I expose in this program
  •  Accountability and support


This program will change your life forever as you will see how it has changed mine.

Recent testimonials over the years have been " my relationship with food is so much better. I now understand my body".  " I dropped 6 kilograms in 3 weeks and this has given me motivation to continue on my weight loss journey. only 10 more to go!" " Thank you so much for introducing this program to me. I have got rid of my cravings and I am now an expert in the kitchen" Thanks Troy, I've continued to keep the weight off since doing the program, the lessons learned will stay with me and my family for a lifetime" " I did it!, Wasn't sure I was going to last 21 days but I'm so happy i did. I lost 7 kilos in 21 days, thanks champ!".


The 21 day detox is NOT for those who

  •  are not motivated to improve their health or lose weight ( this program has changed so many lives of those who committed to just 21 days of their lives)
  •  Have been chronically dieting for over 6 months and have not seen results ( long term crash dieting ruins your metabolism, I suggest you seek a functional medicine doctor to help with your issue first)
  •  are vegan or vegetarian ( The vitamins and minerals that are needed for detoxification are not present in vegan and vegetarian diets) This program can still be done but I strongly suggest that you purchase EVERY supplement recommended in the program. Recipes are going to be hard to come by so all you need to do is follow the what not to eat guidelines.


The pre sale price is $21 and only limited to the first 20 people so hurry and get registered to attend the intro webinar.