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This article comes around a topic of nutrition which I am hoping is starting to hit home for a lot of people now that living a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy, is key to fighting of disease and illness. This coming from numerous papers which have been released on the deaths through the corona virus that we are experiencing saying that a huge number of deaths and severity of the symptoms come from having other underlying health conditions. The report that came out of Italy on the 700 or so deaths stating that only 2 per cent had no underlying issues and the rest had some underlying health issues. A huge part of that which I want to make point of is that more than 50% of people who dies had more than 3 previous illnesses that are diet, lifestyle and exercise related. Because yes, some illnesses can be genetic, like cancer and heart disease being a couple of them but if you have 3 than that is more lifestyle oriented. For me being in the fitness industry for nearly 2 decades now I’m hoping that more people understand the importance of exercise and healthy eating and also training at a gym or personal trainer who actually know what they’re talking about and putting yourself in the safest hands possible and how is going to get you your best results.

Research into the illnesses that the severity of how that illness affects people and sometimes even death has been attributed to a cause of immunosenesensesne meaning immunosenessesnse is the cellular ageing of the immune system that can lead to increased mortality This is caused by a poor diet or lifestyle. A big important note to mention is that cellular ageing can be reversed through lifestyle changes and eating a healthy diet so I’m hoping that people find out professionals like a good trainer or coach that can educate them on the correct way to eat and how to improve your lifestyle. Not just following a diet that may take 10 years of research to find out how bad it is AKA the plant-based diet or other random ones that pop up out of nowhere. I’m talking juts simple facts on how the body works and what is right for them. The reason these so called new diets pop up which I’m hoping everyone is starting to catch on especially with what we’re seeing with big pharma for example and how viruses are making them rich with their drug vaccines and so forth and that is to understand that most things health related and promises to improve people’s lives or put them out of danger is all money driven or have an ulterior motive like the covid-19 conspiracy and is all making one group of people or organisation rich at the expense of everyone’s health. WE don’t need more diets that people are going to fail at following which lead to more lifestyle damaging factors. No need to get me started on that but we’ll just have wait for research to say of all these diets that keep coming about are unnatural and unnecessary, things like high plant level proteins, ruins our body, weakens our immune system and destroys the ecosystem. SO, remember this conversation about 10 year from now. All the changes in food labelling, additives and new fad diets is the cause of our weight gain problem and I will share info on those things here now and what is the best thing to do and eat. As for exercise I hope people just get out there and move that s all I can hope for and it’s a start. Later on I expect everyone do their own research on what is the correct way because there is some gyms, franchises and studios that there program and beliefs do nothing but over tax and overstress your immune system through too much intensity and lack of variability without enough recovery time, not introducing DE loads or nutrition protocols to enhance their training and are just basically breaking down their body. Your body grows when it’s resting and its ability to strengthen your immune system needs recovery and supplementation and to be adapted to your already adapted stress levels that everyone has. Things are just crazy and everyone is just so misinformed. if you do look after recovery, supplementation, and exercise variability then you’re on the right path. If not, then the opposite will happen, you will not recover properly and you will still cause ageing of the cells which what I just discussed at the start will cause immunosenescents. Which what did I say will lead to, increase disease and mortality.

Fat Loss Protocol

Today is going to be starting point for some of you on nutrition and others you have been training with me for a while now should hopefully learn some new things to apply to your eating to achieve their goals. Because for those who do not know these nutrition talks that I do are about the right foods to consume to improve your body composition. This in turn will also tailor that towards improving your health through improving insulin sensitivity in doing so by not trashing your immune system with a high carbohydrate or process food consumption. and also, by being more aware of the foods you’re putting into your mouth. Today I will drum home the point of why carbohydrates are not good for most people unless your lean enough to deserve them…which is not many people, and the importance of fats and the how and why to use them for weight loss. So, sit back and I hope you enjoy the lessons I’m about to bring across your way.

Typical Diet Symptoms

So, to jump away from the immune health thing for a minute let’s talk about food that can help in achieving your fitness goals. I think we all have experienced when we start to diet how it initially feels good for a little while, you start to feel good that you’re doing something good for yourself maybe you start to see some changes but what them typically happens.

You start to feel deprived of some foods from eating so little of so you start to get cravings. This is cause by an imbalance in blood sugar levels and a secretion of a substance in the brain which causes cravings called neuro peptide y which will make you want to increase carbohydrate consumption, and the more you consume the more that your body wants. SO, depending on your goal, well unless its weight gain, everyone is going to feel this and it’s important to know that point and you can try and do one of 2 things. 1 just don’t give in to the feeling and understand that the cravings are part of the process and I will help you with that today or 2 fuel yourself with enough nutrients of good quality so that malnutrition doesn’t lead to more production neuropeptide y. Use tips like increasing water intake to keep leptin levels happy and just understand losing weight is a process and if it came at the expense of where we never got hungry or hangry then we would all look great now wouldn’t we. SO, I think everyone knows that means quality protein, fats and carbs together is how we can endure a more consistent weight loss phase. In my opinion with the state of the world, with the viruses we’ve been exposed to and flu season that comes around all too quickly is that’s why we need to eat high quality organic food as much as possible and if not then you will need further supplementation to prevent what is going to come around and challenge our immune health in the very near future. . Imagine the effect of 5G when it hit your part of the world and not only what it’s going to do to the sickness of the people but the sickness of the animals we eat and the soil we get our vegetable from being more polluted with toxins than ever before. SO, we need to value the vitamins and mineral we put into our body more than ever before. Supplements are a completely other topic and I think I’ve delved into that a lot before so I’ll keep all of this to the point the best that I can.

An important macronutrient that I was to talk about now is carbohydrates. There is so many diets out there that preach their own difference towards the topic. From paleo, to ketosis, to now the over popular plant-based diet which consists of mostly carbohydrates. MY opinion and my clinical research. And my clinical research meaning what I have applied in my business over the years which has always worked is understanding the psychological and physiological impact carbohydrate can have on someone. Can someone oxidise them based on the genetics, in terms of where their ancestors came from to the now damaged metabolism whether that be from the wrong lifestyle and exercise based on their genetics or damages to their insulin sensitivity through over consumption of carbohydrates. Over consumption leads to a worse immune system and therefore illness. The problem is I don’t think I’ve met anyone who has said that they don’t like carbohydrates. I was going to preach that in my talk today when actually until this morning where I was having a conversation with a prospective client in the hallway who was saying that she was keto because carbs make her feel crap and all she wants to do is sleep after them. SO, she labelled herself as not liking carbs, which came at a funny time because I was planning on this talk today about carbohydrates and that I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t like them. So, it was ironic. Which made my think there is more people out there like her because of the reason that she feels this way. Because what she doesn’t understand and what I wasn’t going to go and prove her current [personal trainer wrong too early is that of course she feels tired after…because she’s most likely insulin resistant from carrying to much body fat which leads to you not converting carbs to glycogen and using them as energy and therefore feeling tired. I didn’t want to delve to much into how I am going to change all that because again the misinformation she has been fed for years is going to take me a while to fix. All the new diets and crazes sometime make my job harder. So, people just need to understand the basic sometimes. So in saying that apart from the one lady I spoke to today is that in terms of carbohydrates for my typical client and psychologically going to be beneficial as a reward because they're liked and enjoyed. Physiologically though they are not well tolerated by an individual who is holding onto too much body fat like the lady I saw today. Chances are they're leaning towards insulin resistance so they shouldn’t be consuming carbohydrates because they are not using them as energy the right way. I’ve covered what insulin resistance is in the last presentation so I’ll just go ahead and say that what has worked for me is to limit carbohydrates until the persona has earned them. 2 Ways they can earn them 1. By limiting them throughout the week or 2 limiting them until get lean enough that their insulin sensitivity has improved and I recommend that most people do both. Restricting carbohydrate intake for anywhere between 6 to 14 days and doing until the person is way more insulin sensitive which is usually when a good drop in bodyweight occurs or they got to an ideal bodyfat percentage. Eating at a calorie deficit by restricting carbohydrates can be detrimental long term to your body so that why I like to incorporate carbs because they do have their value so that’s why the eating plan and lifestyle practices that I teach have more compliance and the results have more longevity as opposed to full keto or paleo restrictions. If you’re just starting out on you weight loss journey and you’re overweight then I would suggest that you are limiting your intake a little bit longer than someone who only has a few kilos to lose. In terms of weekly balances, you may be limiting them for 12 to 14 days instead of the typical 6. So how long should you use carbohydrate restriction? meaning how do you know what is right for you. Typically If you’re a male over 12% body fat then you need to limit your consumption of carbohydrates until you get closer to 10%, and a 5 or 6 day carb restriction will work for you, the same goes for a female over 20% up until 30% bodyfat then you need to limit your consumption until your under 17 or 18% again for about 5 to 6 days per week. If you are a male or female outside of these so a male over 15% or female over 30% then you would be looking for more of a 10 to 14-day restriction with strict wholegrain choices as your carbs when you get to those days of be rewarded. These stats are just my opinion on and what has worked for my clientele .When I really start to see an improvement in insulin sensitivity though a moderate drop in body fat plus the body fat doesn’t increase with the refeeding of carbs then I will allow it more often in their diet. SO the more fat you have to lose the less frequent you carbohydrate intakes for refeeds or cheats are. I have a more relaxing figure for female because they need more energy for hormonal balance, moods and energy that they need for everyday life, motherhood or exercise unless they are competing in a figure contest obviously when their trying to get close to 12-15% body fat but we’re talking the general population here.

Best Duration for Fat Loss 

I typically suggest 6 days per week of limited carbohydrate consumption in term of only coming protein, fats and non-starchy vegetables for both male and female and then depending on your insulin sensitivity or body fat percentage then one meal of whole grain carbohydrates on the 7th day. Keeping in mind this is the average person who comes to see me. Some I may stretch out to 10 t0 14 days. The general population who hasn’t been educated on how to eat and exercise and is flooding with bogus information on the correct eating plans. This system works for my clientele however I do delve more in detail to skinfold measurements to determine other limited factors such as hormone imbalance and lifestyle implication that are stopping their progress but these typically work for starting out. Only then would I tailor their nutrition advanced strategies later on if need be, such as intermittent fasting, removing food intolerances, getting blood wok or even calorie counting for a physique athlete. But the simple terms to use for the average person is simple and that’s improving insulin sensitivity by reducing carbs until they earn them and increase their resistance training works around 90% of the time. Being a good coach with experience will help the other 10%. So, you get the point. Limit carbohydrate content for roughly 6 days and maybe 2 weeks if you have a lot more to lose. Reward with a meal of wholegrain carbohydrates which I will go into a lot more in a second and then back to Limiting those carbs once that is done. I don’t wholeheartedly believe that limiting carbs forever like the paleo or ketogenic diet because they are a good source of nutrition for fibre and energy if they can be used in the right way that is and research will tell you that fibre, water and exercise helps regulate the immune system and 70% of the immune system is regulated in the gut. The reason I like fibre coming from the carbs rather than just relying on vegetable is because of the other nutritional benefits of wholegrains. SO, you will start to see why it would be great for everyone to be insulin sensitive enough to deserve carbs because they can serve you really well. Unfortunate as I mentioned the body fat percentages that I recommend of the people who deserve them is very little of the population that come across

Whole grains are complex carbohydrates that contain the endosperm, the bran, and the germ. These 3 combined provide vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants, fibre and fats that are going to nourish the gut and feed the good bacteria. When you balance the good bacteria with the bad it will make weight maintenance easier, improve your immune system like I mentioned and improve your mood and emotions. If you can understand, that we have 2 brains and that we have one in the head and one in the stomach and they are constantly talking to each other so if you improve your health through eating, the brain in your head will improve your moods…. So then also then if you can improve your brain through exercise and stress reduction than that will improve the health of your gut and it will create a good circle of overall wellness. In terms of wholegrains without confusing everyone too much on what they are, to help you …. when you are looking at the packaging of wholegrains there are 2 words that you need to be aware of and they are the word refined and the word enriched. Refined carbs or grains are ones that are missing one or more of either the endosperm, the germ or the bran. Those foods are typically white, like white flour, white bread, white rice and degermed corn flour. Avoid those where possible because we want quality nutrition remember especially if we are already leading towards insulin resistance at least the carbs that we do have need to be high quality to avoid other diet related issues that we don’t want to have to tackle as well. Remember this one meal on your 7th day of eating healthy with no carbs so we don’t want and go ruin everything in one day that is going to ruin all your hard work. The other word to look out for is enriched. Try to avoid foods that say enriched in my opinion and you may be thinking as to why. The reason being that back in the day when there seemed to be an obese epidemic across the world in order for governments to do their best to help people, well as they say that, that was their intention but it hasn’t really proven to have worked but basically what they did was the governments put in place ways to enrich foods of higher nutrients but you need to understand that now the food is unbalanced from its original state which is not good for a variety of reasons making it highly processed and usually filled with more fat, sugar and sodium, so avoid those and the way to do that is check the package of things you may buy in forms of cereals, breads, bars, and things of that nature.

Examples of what you can plan to eat for your carbohydrate meals are things like Whole oats such as steel cut oats, unsterilized oats, and rolled oats and make sure to avoid instant oatmeal again no nutrients and its highly processed. More options are whole wheat and whole grain rye, buckwheat, millet and whole barley which are cereal grains so it’s easily prepared, another one is spelt and a few other options are whole grain breads, brown rice and my favourite is popcorn. You can get healthy wholegrain and even organic popcorn which is a great tasting whole grain. But don’t forget I make sure I have earned my carbs. Me personally I hover around the 10% bodyfat so I’m usually pretty insulin sensitive most of the year and I make sure I am weight training and taking my fish oil and l carnitine year-round to stay in shape so my insulin sensitivity is pretty good.

Ok so you get the idea hopefully on whole grains and how to implement them into your diet. With either a rewarding meal on day 7 or longer if you fall under the categories that I suggest to do like over 30% body fat for example, or holding onto to excess weight through inflammation and poor or too much exercise can even make you a candidate. You guys need personal attention and coaching but generally you guys are every 10 to 14 days until you earn it. One thing that I have always pointed out towards these so-called cheat meals or refeed meals is that they are for your phycological benefit that eating healthy can be rewarding to some degree. It won’t be rewarding after falling off a strict diet which deprived you so much that you ate and ate and woke up the next day fat and inflamed, that will just lead to a downward spiral and will produce thoughts of “what am I doing this for” “I look fat and out of shape I might as well give up” And guess what those comments may even come if you behave on your diet and it’s something that you need to understand., Because your body is going through so many hormonal, digestion and fluid shifts that sometimes it just don’t look all the flattering in the mirror. But over time you will. You have to be thinking about the big picture and your long-term goals and what is good for you mentally like I mentioned in the video how to lose wight at home and also briefly in the q and A video.

The next relatively quick topic I want to touch on today is the right amount of fats in your diet. Fats got so much bad publicity in the late 90’s early 2000’s and I hope most of you have been corrected on the true value of fats in your diet. The research that they conducted saying high fat diets cause health issues has been debunked and has ruined a lot of the foods that we eat today. When it was though that fats were bad for us the governments demanded more low-fat foods so what they did was just like the enriched grains they did a similar thing to fats. In the processing of the foods they replaced the fats with artificial sugars and other preservatives which we now know the health implications that that had brought among us with more diabetes, cancer and other lifestyle related diseases and what’s funny is that all the low fat foods are still on our shelves today. So, try not to opt for low fat artificial products. Fats are good for our hormones, hair, brain and muscle growth so don’t count them out. Especially since the average person that I have been talking about here is that when you subtract carbs until your insulin resistance picks up then you must increase the fats in your diet. When you take something out you need to replace it with something else. Healthy fats will increase insulin sensitivity and also give you the caloric load and energy to replace what you would have gotten from carbohydrates. I will run though some good tips now because you still want to be careful, because fat has a more caloric load than carbohydrates with 9 calories per gram of fat as opposed to only 4 calories per gram of carbs so don’t overdo the fats. Fats are typically split up into 4 groups, saturated fats which were once considered bad for you but I can tell you that that research was bogus news and it’s now been said to be healthy. The saturated fats are the fats you get from meat and the skin of meat and are also found in oils such as coconut oil and palm oil.

Poly and mono unsaturated fats are healthy ones and can be found in salmon, plant and animal foods, and some nuts and seeds, and the last fat is trans fats which are the deadly ones and they are found in processed foods like biscuits and chips and they are highly inflammatory. Good fats for you are actually key to losing weight and a flatter stomach. And here’s why.

Fats are still being researched for wellbeing and disease prevention and the results are still heading that way as opposed to what was thought in the late 90’s. My goal here is to tell you how you can get fat loss results with adding fats to your diet and what I can say is that in a nutshell if you just remember these few things then you can benefit from them. Improved insulin sensitivity has been proven to lead to a smaller waist circumference. And that is what a typical client that I see wants as a result from their training, a flatter stomach or 6 pack is the common wants of people. Balancing out the saturated AND poly and monounsaturated fats has been proven to tighten the waistline. From my experience which has gotten me great results not only personally but with clients and competitors is to cover all of those bases in a few simple steps. Cook with avocado oil where possible because it has 1 a high heat threshold and won’t turn rancid or have a smoke point until after roughly 270 degrees of cooking temperature and 2 it’s poly and monounsaturated fat with a little saturated fat. Trying to avoid cooking with olive oil is another one because of how it becomes rancid at high heat and on grocery shelves so sometimes it’s already craps by the time it gets to you. But you can defiantly use it on your salads. You want to Sometimes cook in coconut oil for better tasting meals and a dose of saturated fats and it won’t overdo it. Drizzle cold pressed extra virgin olive oil on salads or wherever possible just don’t cook with it and of course a high-quality fish oil is going to balance out the bad ratio of fats even more so for better stomach flattening results. One last point is that the more good fats that you eat the more you become better oxidising fats as fuel and you will be become a fat burning machine. Personally, I prefer getting the balance of fats from the oil that I cook or use as dressing because you can control the caloric amount which you can’t really do with meat unless you sit there cutting all the fat off. And then you can improve the dose of healthy fats with less caloric load using a good fish oil. I hope all of that helps.

Ok well Without bombarding you guys too much. I could really keep going but I’m going to leave it there until next time which then I’m hoping it will put all the pieces together for a long-lasting lifestyle choice. Remember it’s not really a diet, not a strict diet anyway. It’s a choice psychologically to go through the turmoils of losing a lot of weight and committing to yourself for your future health you and those around you. Thanks for listening guys please pass this on to those you who think it may help and you will hear from me soon.

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