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  • How Weight Training Can Beneift Weight loss

    How Weight Training Can Beneift Weight loss

    How Weight Training Can Beneift Weight loss Weight training is a great way to burn fat and tone muscle. It can be done at home or in the gym, with free weights or machines. By adding weight training to your workout routine, you can see major improvements in your overall fitness level and body composition. The benefits of weight training for fat loss It's a common misconception that weight training will make you bulky and masculine. This is not true! Weight training can actually help you lose weight and tone your body. Here are just a few of the benefits of weight training: 1) Weight training can help you burn more calories, even after your workout is finished. This means ....

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  • How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer for You

    How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer for You

    How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer for You When it comes to choosing the right personal trainer for you, there are a few things you need to take into account. First and foremost, you want to find someone who has the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your fitness goals. But you also want to find someone who is a good fit for you personally. Someone who understands your needs and can provide the support and motivation you need to succeed. Inpower Fitness has a detailed assessment which has been deveoped over the last 20 years from the greatest minds in the fitness industry, from the likes of Charles Poliquin and Paul Chek. We will assess your joint range of motion, body ....

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  • Personal Training to Improve Bench Press Sticking Points

    Personal Training to Improve Bench Press Sticking Points

    Addressing Issues With the Common Bench Press There are few exercises that are as popular as the bench press, nevertheless it is essential to fully understand the dynamics of this exercise if you hope to continue increasing kilos to the bar. I have spent nearly the last 2 decades performing this exercise in gyms as a personal trainer on a daily basis. I have very rarely seen this exercise executed properly. This could be why it is common for people to tear ligaments and shoulder muscles while performing this exercise. Another factor that contributes to an increased propensity for injury would be overusing this exercise. If you were to drop by any gym on a Monday, you will see ....

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  • The Best ways to grow your arms

    The Best ways to grow your arms

    Providing All The Answers To Your Arm Training Questions One time my mentor shared with me his doubts on the significance of a lot of books and articles written by most personal trainers and coaches in weightlifting. According to him, the most proficient personal trainers lack time to write because they are professionally engaged in their work. Which I believe is true. When you’re in the trenches training 10 clients per day as we do I don’t know how they have time to write a book. This means most of the information in the books and blogs may not be what the trainers are teaching their clients and athletes. Similarly, I doubt the content that is generated every day on ....

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  • The Benefits of Contrast Training

    The Benefits of Contrast Training

    Contrast Training Personal trainers or Strength and conditioning coaches have a common challenge when designing workouts for pro athletes. They must find the most efficient way to build up their strength because they often do not have much time in-between seasons. The timeline is even tighter if the athlete incurred injury during the season because before there is any discussion about building strength, the personal trainer must tend to the injuries first to make sure that they are completely healed. Otherwise, going through strength building before the body is ready will cause more harm than good. Because time is short, the strength and conditioning coach cannot waste any time with ....

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  • Step ups to improve Squat Strength

    Step ups to improve Squat Strength

    Step ups for Personal Trainers Most personal trainers will have you focus on just squats as the primary leg exercise. This article may change your mind on that. I am not here to suggest that your personal trainer should stop your squat program and only do Bulgarian lunges. Sometime however that seems the intent of a very popular "functional” personal trainer . But I am going to extend beyond the simple approach when it comes to training that states that the more effective schedule for all trainees, no matter what their athletic or physical goals are, should start with a full set of squats, and the trainee should be performing squats in each training phase. This is not ....

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  • Improving your bench press

    Improving your bench press

    Most Personal Trainers , like me, set their goals of pumping iron to their improvement of at bench press. With this goal in mind, I took to the study of how the people who had Herculean strength, train. My Mentor Charles Poliquin told me to research Chuck Sipes. Chuck was as strong as he appeared to be, or even stronger. They called him the "Iron Knight" and he was the winner of the 1960 IFBB Mr. America, IFBB Mr.Universe, 1960, and was placed second behind the winner of the title of the IFBB Mr. Olympia, 1967. He stands at 5' 9.5", weighs 105kgs, and has measurements of arms of 19.5 inches, forearms of an unbelievable 18 inches, and a chest of 50 inches that tapered to a waist of just ....

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  • How To Train Your Hamstrings Like A Pro - An Expert Guide

    How To Train Your Hamstrings Like A Pro - An Expert Guide

    A Personal Trainers tip for training Hamstring with Clients Leg development, and more precisely the size of your hamstrings, can make all the difference when it comes to winning local bodybuilding shows. In the field of personal training hamstring strength can help avoid serious knee injuries and relieve back pain. Since hamstring training is so important, it comes without saying that you should learn how to do is smarter rather than harder. Here are the top five mistakes to avoid when it comes to developing the strong and defined hamstrings you've always wanted but failed to achieve: 1. Leaving Hamstring Training For The End Of Your Workout Sessions Many people train their ....

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  • Personal Training using Circuits

    Personal Training using Circuits

    Personal Training using Circuits One system of muscle building that rarely gets its well-deserved attention is circuit training. About 50 years ago, this method of muscle training was seen in high schools and practiced in jungle gyms with various stations. Personal Trainers weren’t really using this method. It was more for strength coaches. A more recent application of weight training circuits are the sections to the back of the commercial gym, where senior citizens can engage in a half-hour of general fitness without pulling muscles or suffering fatigue and usually without a personal trainer. But if you are looking for a way to pack on slabs of brute force, you ....

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