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What's your best chance to fix Lower Abdominal Fat?

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What's your best chance to fix Lower Abdominal Fat?

Lower Abdominal Training Explained


Did you know that what you know as your lower abdomen, the rectus abdominus, is a single abdominal muscle that runs from the sternum and rib cage to the pubic bone? It's therefore safe to say there is no such thing as upper and lower abs... Or is there? Read on to find out to find the best way to fix lower abdominal fat. It's what most personal trainers won't tell you.

 The Basics

Starting with the basics, there is no such thing as lower abdominal from an anatomy standpoint. For training purposes, however, the rectus abdominus can be divided into two sections: the sub-umbilical section and the supra-umbilical segment.


"Supra" is a prefix that generally refers to something higher than something else. On the other prefix, "sub" refers to something lower. In this light, supra-umbilical refers to the part of the abdomen that is above the belly button, whereas sub-umbilical refers to the part of the abdomen that is below the belly button.


That said, we'll be talking about the sub-umbilical part of this muscle when talking about the lower abdominals. Note, however, that practically every abdominal workout activates the entire rectus abdominis. But just like a bodybuilder emphasizes incline bench presses over flat bench presses to accentuate the top portion of the pectorals, you can emphasize your lower abdominals in the same way.


Let's take a look at one such activity. You begin the exercise by reclining on your back. Draw your legs up to 90 degrees and cross your arms over your chest. Take a deep breath out and lift your tailbone (coccyx) for three seconds.


By doing this, you're attempting to "power the exhale" from the pelvic area by concentrating on the sub umbilical muscles. The last thing you want to do is make a "crunch" gesture, an exercise that focuses on the upper abs


The lower abdominals role


The lower abdominals play a critical role in achieving optimum posture whether you're in movement or standing. The high arch in certain gymnasts' lower backs could be the result of weak lower abs. The spine's ability to absorb trauma is reduced in this position.


Balanced development of the upper and lower abs can greatly influence an athletes' capacity to perform several sporting actions. A tennis player, for example, cannot serve as hard if their lower abs are weak, and weak lower abs might hinder running speed by inhibiting the pelvis' natural rotation.




Bottom line? The lower abdominals are technically non-existent. However, you can enhance your posture and athletic performance by performing specialized exercises to stress this section of the rectus abdominus. Understanding some simple nutrition tips to help fix lower abdominal fat like reducing calories, increasing protein and exercising the right way could be your solution to your stubborn lower abdominal fat.


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