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Personal Training Programs

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Personal Training Programs

Personal Training Programs

One of the main things that sets our personal training above the rest of our competetition is our personalised programming. We have designed a special assessment that can determine the stage of your program and what exercises will acheive results the fastest based off your body type, muscle imbalances and weaknesses. Alot of other personal training studios give the same program progressions over the course of the members time there to everyone that walks through the door. This is to cover them for insurance where the reliability doesnt fall solely on the trainer and rather falls on the system the company has created. 

Our approach

The typical type of personal training that is around these days has tried to make exercise more dynamic and marketable rather than what sceince says. We are constantly staying up to date with the latest research to give us more insight on what we can add and how the industry is changing. Our personal trainers have been through in intensive intership before employment that equips them with the similar amount of knowledge as our director Troy Van Spanje who first designed this assessing style over 20 years ago. Troy shares his knowledge and experience regularily with our personal trainers to better enhance the clients results and also to help with trainer development to help further their own personal training career.


Example of why we're different.

Our assesment which covers over 20 different tests can tell us alot of about a client and what personal training approach we should employ. An example is our Hip adduction test

Normal orthopedic range is 105 degrees. As you can see in the picture we rarely see a cleint come in with the appropiate range. Tightness in this area will lead to a faulty recruiment pattern in movements such as the squat and deadlift that typically leads to injury. So from a programming point of view you can see why it would seem silly for a personal trainer to not test this.

personal training



Stages of progression

With the focus on still trying acieve the clients goals whether that be weight loss or muscle gain, mobility is typically implemented in most sessions. We have found that over the course of a members time with us, their daily activity can change or as age affects their body we need to add more and more mobility or stregthening exercises based off how they are progressing through their exercises. Another point of difference for us is that we can still offer his personalisation in any of our services that we offer. Most gyms cater for large numbers which lose the individualisation and form checking that is required. We make sure there is no morer than 4 people in a group and our personal training sessions allow for access to our 19 peices of strength training equipment.


Tips for the personal trainer

If a trainer was to find an adductor imbalance through this test, then applying a few simple stretches like the pancake and butterfly can be a start on the road to better mobility. Throughout this time it would be wise to also be careful with any squat, deadlfit or lunge progressions. you want to encourage full range of motion and allow for exercises wherre that can be acheived before first apllying load to a tight area.

personal training




personal training


Which personal training option is for you.

We offer everyone who is interested, a free trial which includes the assessment plus a personal training session in ether a one on one or small group training session. You can also schedule a call with our director if that is what you woud prefer also. You can do so here. To find out about more of what we offer you can check our services page here.


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