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Private Coaching $140/hour plus GST

Private Training in our exclusive location in North Sydney. No crowds

Troy Van Spanje introduced himself to the Fitness industry over 15 years ago and has not looked back ever since. His training and technique is unlike any other and you can rest assured that anything Troy hands his clients, he has trialed and tested on himself. Troy was a Semi Professional Basketball player for 7 years, playing in both Australia and the USA and was prized Most Valuable Player 2010 for Northern Suburbs Basketball Association. He went on to coach for Norths, and was awarded NSW State Champion Basketball Coach for Under 18′s in 2010. All this, while running a Personal Training business that continues to grow in leaps and bounds. His passion for driving people to achieve their goals and to bring out their best is ever growing and invaluable. If you want it enough this is one trainer who won’t stop until you get it!

Unlike a lot of personal trainers, Troy’s soft yet firm nature is one of the many reasons his clients look forward to their sessions. His non-aggressive, holistic approach has become his trademark. He doesn’t just instruct, he listens. There is a method to his madness, to his style and to his attitude…all of which are making a huge impact. Inpower Fitness isn’t just the name of the business, it’s a way of healthy living…inside and out!


Troy has a knowlege background of corrective exercise, sport conditioning as well as Functional movement and Selective functional movement certifications which has led him to create the successfull brand that is Inpower Fitness. He has now run his own certification model that all of his trainers are qualified in so he could pass his wealth of knowledge onto those after him. " Whether you train with me or one of my expert trainers I want to quality to be the same" Troy says as behind the motivtion of educating his trainers they way that has made him so successfull over the past 15 years.

"Our training is unique and delivers results based on the clients needs and movement capabilites, you will not see anyone doing a movement they are not orthopedically qualifed to do" Troy adds as to why his clients stay in great shape an injury free.

We offer a free trial to anyone who is curious with training with us and receive a free diagnostic assessment and training session with one of our Level 5 trainers to determine which training is going to suit them.


" I want even the people who are doing our group classes to have the Inpower Assessment, that way they know that we care about whta's right for them and we're not just here to work them hard but to make sure they inprove their mechanics and mobilty to ensure a better life."