"I’ve trained with Troy for over 4 years and have never felt fitter and healthier. The PT sessions are always challenging and interesting as Troy keeps up to date with current methods of exercise and equipment. And I love the flexibility to change how I train if I’m working towards a specific event or goal. I totally recommend Inpower Fitness to help achieve your health and fitness goals."

Antoinette, St leonards

"I have been doing personal training sessions with Troy from Inpower Fitness for nearly a year. Troy offers a great personal service which is knowledgeable, motivating, and fun to work with. He has an amazing understanding of how the body works and has a way of being polite but still being bossy so that you get the work done. While seeing Troy I’ve noticed a great improvement in my physical fitness and strength. Troy is great at getting the most out of you in each session, and with the never ending changes in routine, there is no way you can’t stay interested and motivated. I always have a sense of accomplishment when each session is over. I would highly recommend Troy to anyone looking to get fit or just improve their general wellbeing."

Natalie Radford, Lane Cove

"I have been a client of Troy’s for over 5 years. I like working with Troy, he has a great ability and understanding of how my body works and the health issues I have, this includes weight loss and strength building to combat other radical problems that I have. This has allowed Troy to continually refocus our sessions to the issues I am dealing with.

My job requires a great amount of travel, Troy has been able to build routines that address this problem and the strength and health issues it generates.

Troy puts a great deal of research into the routines we do and they are always changing so boredom is not a problem, we go from gym to external work and the gym routines go from yoga exercises to heat weights and the various machines of torture you find in a gym.

In my years of working with Trainers I have no hesitation in saying that Troy’s approach is unique in the way he can isolate my problems and address the specific issues through a varied, interesting and challenging exercise regime which he supervises and leads."

Peter Gregg, Pyrmont

"I started training with Troy because I wanted to lose weight and increase my strength and fitness before a wedding. I achieved both goals!…Training with Troy is always interesting and challenging, because he constantly changes the exercises to meet my needs. Because I play golf regularly, Troy designed some golf specific sessions and the results are measurable!….I won two medals in 2011 and the Women’s Golf NSW medal for 2011!!!

I recommend Troy for a professional targeted approach to your training!"

Liz, Northbridge

"I have been training with Troy on and off for 4 years. I have found him to be very helpful, always learning and growing himself and then applying this to how he trains. He has great knowledge which he willingly shares. I enjoy the fact that he changes what we do regularly so I do not get bored doing the same exercises day in day out. The sessions are well structured and work either whole body of specific areas. I have improved my fitness and strength, which has had a great effect on my wellbeing, physically, mentally and emotionally."

Devi, Crows Nest

"A golfing friend of mine asked me to join her training group with Troy on a Thursday morning. I wasn’t all that keen at the time but didn’t want to disappoint my friend. I thought I would stick it out for a couple of months and then gradually disappear from the scene. That was over two years ago and now I go three times a week! Troy has a very patient and gentle way of coaxing us along. His program is varied and challenging which keeps us motivated. Troy will personalize a program for each of us that focuses on areas we would like to improve. Needless to say my golf handicap has come down about 8 shots and I hit the ball much further these days. I have lost weight and feel a lot fitter and healthier. My aerobic fitness has improved as well.

I have three daughters, all who have been trained by Troy at some time. My oldest daughter comes with me three times a week also. Troy adapted the program to suit her after she badly injured her ankle playing netball. She feels that the workouts with Troy assisted her recovery.I have been very impressed with Troy as a trainer and I would highly recommend Troy as a personal trainer to anyone."

Sue Webb, Northbridge