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  • Improve your bench press sticking point with a personal trainer

    Improve your bench press sticking point with a personal trainer

    A Personal training guide to blasting through bench press sticking points. It's a fact of life that each and every meathead and personal trainer out there craves a great bench press experience, unfortunately, that can be elusive. However, if you want to smash through the bench-press plateau then you need to think outside the box - and try Overhead Push Presses with Slow Eccentrics. So what makes this exercise so effective? This exercise offers the combination of anterior deltoids, serratus anterior and triceps brachii something unique. For those in search of the ultimate exercises to improve pressing strength it is worth noting that two sets of the largest triceps ever recorded ....

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  • Personal Trainers guide to improving Chin ups

    Personal Trainers guide to improving Chin ups

    Personal Trainers guide to improving Chin ups Designing the ideal workout program can be enormously challenging for the novice personal trainer, but keeping the following in mind will ensure great results: A chain will only be as strong as its weakest link - strengthen that weak link and the chain becomes far stronger. For many people, especially women the weakest link in their chin-up training can be found in the bottom quarter of the range. This is when the chin-up is started from the extended elbow position and the limiting factor is the strength of the elbow flexors. The Weak Points The four main elbow flexors are the biceps brachii, brachioradialis, brachialis, and ....

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  • Programming as a Personal Trainer

    Programming as a Personal Trainer

    A Guide To Programming as Personal Trainer It is essential to concentrate on collecting as much information about the sports and their nuanced requirements when a personal trainer starts to train an athlete. The gathered information ensures athletes can be shaped around the sports foundation and the myriad of complex interactions between all elements. It's not enough to simply add resistance to the movement you observe. Take a hockey slapshot as an example. I've seen plenty of custom setups invented to try and train the slap shot. One particular setup comes to mind – a guy just attached a high pulley to the lower end of a hockey stick, trying to mimic the movement. In my ....

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  • What's your best chance to fix Lower Abdominal Fat?

    What's your best chance to fix Lower Abdominal Fat?

    Lower Abdominal Training Explained Did you know that what you know as your lower abdomen, the rectus abdominus, is a single abdominal muscle that runs from the sternum and rib cage to the pubic bone? It's therefore safe to say there is no such thing as upper and lower abs... Or is there? Read on to find out to find the best way to fix lower abdominal fat. It's what most personal trainers won't tell you. The Basics Starting with the basics, there is no such thing as lower abdominal from an anatomy standpoint. For training purposes, however, the rectus abdominus can be divided into two sections: the sub-umbilical section and the supra-umbilical segment. "Supra" is a prefix that ....

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  • Personal Training 101: All the Basics You Need to Know

    Personal Training 101: All the Basics You Need to Know

    Personal Training 101: All the Basics You Need to Know We as Personal Trainers are relied on by people of the public to help them get results while avoiding injruy. Most would also like to improve the way they move. Our Inpower Assessment determines the correct exercise prescription and things to avoid which will determine the fastest road to success. Best Practice If we can determine to appropiate range of motion that a client can safely move at, we can then prescribe exercises to strengthen within that range and also strething protocols to enhance the restriction. However we are faced with a battle that most people that we see have posture issues. Taking this into consideration, ....

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  • How Weight Training Can Beneift Weight loss

    How Weight Training Can Beneift Weight loss

    How Weight Training Can Beneift Weight loss Weight training is a great way to burn fat and tone muscle. It can be done at home or in the gym, with free weights or machines. By adding weight training to your workout routine, you can see major improvements in your overall fitness level and body composition. The benefits of weight training for fat loss It's a common misconception that weight training will make you bulky and masculine. This is not true! Weight training can actually help you lose weight and tone your body. Here are just a few of the benefits of weight training: 1) Weight training can help you burn more calories, even after your workout is finished. This means ....

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  • How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer for You

    How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer for You

    How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer for You When it comes to choosing the right personal trainer for you, there are a few things you need to take into account. First and foremost, you want to find someone who has the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your fitness goals. But you also want to find someone who is a good fit for you personally. Someone who understands your needs and can provide the support and motivation you need to succeed. Inpower Fitness has a detailed assessment which has been deveoped over the last 20 years from the greatest minds in the fitness industry, from the likes of Charles Poliquin and Paul Chek. We will assess your joint range of motion, body ....

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  • Personal Training to Improve Bench Press Sticking Points

    Personal Training to Improve Bench Press Sticking Points

    Addressing Issues With the Common Bench Press There are few exercises that are as popular as the bench press, nevertheless it is essential to fully understand the dynamics of this exercise if you hope to continue increasing kilos to the bar. I have spent nearly the last 2 decades performing this exercise in gyms as a personal trainer on a daily basis. I have very rarely seen this exercise executed properly. This could be why it is common for people to tear ligaments and shoulder muscles while performing this exercise. Another factor that contributes to an increased propensity for injury would be overusing this exercise. If you were to drop by any gym on a Monday, you will see ....

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  • The Best ways to grow your arms

    The Best ways to grow your arms

    Providing All The Answers To Your Arm Training Questions One time my mentor shared with me his doubts on the significance of a lot of books and articles written by most personal trainers and coaches in weightlifting. According to him, the most proficient personal trainers lack time to write because they are professionally engaged in their work. Which I believe is true. When you’re in the trenches training 10 clients per day as we do I don’t know how they have time to write a book. This means most of the information in the books and blogs may not be what the trainers are teaching their clients and athletes. Similarly, I doubt the content that is generated every day on ....

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  • The Benefits of Contrast Training

    The Benefits of Contrast Training

    Contrast Training Personal trainers or Strength and conditioning coaches have a common challenge when designing workouts for pro athletes. They must find the most efficient way to build up their strength because they often do not have much time in-between seasons. The timeline is even tighter if the athlete incurred injury during the season because before there is any discussion about building strength, the personal trainer must tend to the injuries first to make sure that they are completely healed. Otherwise, going through strength building before the body is ready will cause more harm than good. Because time is short, the strength and conditioning coach cannot waste any time with ....

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  • Step ups to improve Squat Strength

    Step ups to improve Squat Strength

    Step ups for Personal Trainers Most personal trainers will have you focus on just squats as the primary leg exercise. This article may change your mind on that. I am not here to suggest that your personal trainer should stop your squat program and only do Bulgarian lunges. Sometime however that seems the intent of a very popular "functional” personal trainer . But I am going to extend beyond the simple approach when it comes to training that states that the more effective schedule for all trainees, no matter what their athletic or physical goals are, should start with a full set of squats, and the trainee should be performing squats in each training phase. This is not ....

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  • Improving your bench press

    Improving your bench press

    Most Personal Trainers , like me, set their goals of pumping iron to their improvement of at bench press. With this goal in mind, I took to the study of how the people who had Herculean strength, train. My Mentor Charles Poliquin told me to research Chuck Sipes. Chuck was as strong as he appeared to be, or even stronger. They called him the "Iron Knight" and he was the winner of the 1960 IFBB Mr. America, IFBB Mr.Universe, 1960, and was placed second behind the winner of the title of the IFBB Mr. Olympia, 1967. He stands at 5' 9.5", weighs 105kgs, and has measurements of arms of 19.5 inches, forearms of an unbelievable 18 inches, and a chest of 50 inches that tapered to a waist of just ....

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  • How To Train Your Hamstrings Like A Pro - An Expert Guide

    How To Train Your Hamstrings Like A Pro - An Expert Guide

    A Personal Trainers tip for training Hamstring with Clients Leg development, and more precisely the size of your hamstrings, can make all the difference when it comes to winning local bodybuilding shows. In the field of personal training hamstring strength can help avoid serious knee injuries and relieve back pain. Since hamstring training is so important, it comes without saying that you should learn how to do is smarter rather than harder. Here are the top five mistakes to avoid when it comes to developing the strong and defined hamstrings you've always wanted but failed to achieve: 1. Leaving Hamstring Training For The End Of Your Workout Sessions Many people train their ....

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  • Personal Training using Circuits

    Personal Training using Circuits

    Personal Training using Circuits One system of muscle building that rarely gets its well-deserved attention is circuit training. About 50 years ago, this method of muscle training was seen in high schools and practiced in jungle gyms with various stations. Personal Trainers weren’t really using this method. It was more for strength coaches. A more recent application of weight training circuits are the sections to the back of the commercial gym, where senior citizens can engage in a half-hour of general fitness without pulling muscles or suffering fatigue and usually without a personal trainer. But if you are looking for a way to pack on slabs of brute force, you ....

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  • A Personal Trainers tip for Shoulder Pain

    A Personal Trainers tip for Shoulder Pain

    A Personal Trainers Tip for Shoulder Pain Shoulder injuries are some of the most common complaints that a personal trainer will come accross - affecting millions of people around the world. I see people every day who say "my shoulders don't feel right, or I get shoulder pain when trying to do this or that." If you have chronic shoulder pain, you should seek medical help to diagnose the problem and treat it. What I am going to talk about today is how to prevent shoulder injuries and pain. In fact, I can't diagnose your injury without examining your shoulder. That's what our Inpower Assessment help identify. Personal Trainers should have some sort of assessment format in place when ever ....

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  • Personal Training to Build strength for a client

    Personal Training to Build strength for a client

    Personal Training for Strength Functional hypertrophy is one of the most misunderstood coaching terms in modern strength training. When athletes, for example, come across the term they tend to think of muscle builders like Arnold Schwarzenegger winning another Mr. Olympia by hitting a double biceps or hulking out by Lou Ferrigno as a superhero. However, it is actually a lot more complicated than that. From a point of view, functional hypertrophy can be an ideal way to get the fastest results possible for a client Functional hypertrophy can be defined as strategic muscle growth to improve physical performance. The Webster dictionary defines it as "excessive development of a part or ....

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  • The Personal Training approach to training women

    The Personal Training approach to training women

    It is no stretch of the imagination to see that women who train properly can reach incredibly high levels of strength and power. Naturally, there are some important differences between male and female physiology. This may be the reason that men have a naturally higher potential for reaching greater muscle mass. For personal trainers there is a few factors to consider. There is a speed component in weightlifting, therefore it is considered a powersport. Women’s records reach about 80% of the records held by men. The absolute world record held by women in the snatch is 160kgs and 200 kgs in the clean and jerk. Do you think very many rugby league players can equal that record? Many ....

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  • A Personal Trainers tip for eating breakfast every day

    A Personal Trainers tip for eating breakfast every day

    The Benefits Of Eating Breakfast Every Day One popular quote is “Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince and eat dinner like a pauper”. It is a saying that has been used by our grandparents to pass over their wisdom to our generation. Personally, me being a personal trainer I ensure I eat my breakfast like a king, always trying to include meat and nuts in the meal. Additionally, my friends and clients have all the confidence in this “principle” because of the energy, drive and focus it gives. This feeding theory has gained considerable support in science as well. For many people, there are mass health, performance and physical benefits of ....

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  • What makes our Personal Training different from our competitors

    What makes our Personal Training different from our competitors

    Here Is How We Can Help You Become A Champion in the gym … The recent advancements in the field of medicine have made it possible for injured people to heal quicker and return to the top of their game at a much faster rate. However, despite these developments as well as access to a multitude of personal trainers at ebvery gym, the number of people sustaining injuries in the gym and at work continues to rise with each passing day. Based on my personal experience, I can attest that if a personal trainer wants an client under their charge to excel in a certain sport or daily living activity while at the same time minimizing their risk of injury while in the field, the trainer must ....

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  • Strength Training Techniques for Personal Training

    Strength Training Techniques for Personal Training

    5 Steps to Success in the Gym Two of the hottest topics currently in the personal training and strength training field are periodization and overtraining. In the past, most training methods used by personal trainers came from the Iron Game. That is why in the recent past, and often now as well, over-zealous Pt’s design programs comprised of the Arnold Schwarzenegger blitz biceps workout, the bench press routine from Bill Kazmaier, and the Bulgarian pulling cycling. Then there was the periodization concept and Russia's weightlifting system involving percentages progression. Fortunately, the current strength training field has progressed significantly over the last several years ....

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  • Strength Training For The Beginner

    Strength Training For The Beginner

    Strength Training For The Beginner In this article we are going to be talking about the best Strength Training for the Beginner. “The best workout program is the one you’re not using.” is a motto in which there is some wisdom, even though the design of a workout program is not very simple. There are many early studies regarding weight training that have attempted to find out the best single program for set/rep training. Being a Personal Trainer is about doing to appropiate research that is proven time after time One example is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 5×5 method that was has made popular by his mentor Reg Park, who was himself a Mr, Universe, and played ....

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  • Strength Training Eccentrics

    Strength Training Eccentrics

    Your Guide to Eccentric Training The bodybuilder and Personal trainer that’s most strongly linked to eccentric strength training is also someone that is known for idiosyncrasy: Arthur Jones. Jones caught the attention of followers thanks to his passion for alligators and his love of going on safaris in Africa. He was also a marketing master that helped make Nautilus and MedX a success. Of course, eccentricity isn’t something that people are just born with. No one described Jones as an eccentric until after he was one of the fitness industry’s most successful members and personal trainers. People don’t describe a person as an eccentric ....

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  • Gym North Sydney @Inpower Fitness

    Inpower Fitness thrives as the standout gym in North Sydney When I started by personal training business over 15 years ago, I had a dream to one day have a facility and a brand that not only got results but would create a community of clients that believed in my process and who looked to me for inspiration and direction. That’s how my Gym in North Sydney was developed with that in mind. My constant determination to have research proven strategies for fat loss has led me to helping thousands of people lose weight over the years. I not only credit my success to hard work within the industry but from also the direction of my mentors which have helped me create a unique brand for ....

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  • Better Performance and Injury Prevention For Any Sport

    In the recent 2019 NBA finals where the underdog Toronto Raptors won their first and only NBA Championship, there were other major headlines surrounding the 6 game series then the victories themselves. I believe that no one can argue that had these instances not occurred then the result may have been significantly different. There were 2 career changing and series ending injuries that occurred in Games 5 and 6 that changed the dynamic of the gameplay. One injury happened to a player who most will agree at the time was the best player on the planet, Kevin Durant. The other injury was to one of the greatest 3 point shooters of all time Klay Thompson. Injuries to the highest performing ....

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  • Fast Fat Loss Results & Long Term Health By Determining Correct Diet & Exercise Program Perfect For You

    This article comes around a topic of nutrition which I am hoping is starting to hit home for a lot of people now that living a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy, is key to fighting of disease and illness. This coming from numerous papers which have been released on the deaths through the corona virus that we are experiencing saying that a huge number of deaths and severity of the symptoms come from having other underlying health conditions. The report that came out of Italy on the 700 or so deaths stating that only 2 per cent had no underlying issues and the rest had some underlying health issues. A huge part of that which I want to make point of is that more than 50% of people ....

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  • Can You Spot Reduce Fat? The Answer Is Yes

    Scientific research has proven that spot reduction can in fact occur when addressing the hormonal imbalances that contribute to fat storage at a specific site on the body. This is based on over 35 years evidence. There was a U.S government funded study which was conducted by my mentor and strength coach Charles Poliquin. It allows for an accurate identification of hormonal, lifestyle and nutritional issues that are unique to the person tested, and enables us to provide individualized solutions. Inpower Fitness uses this also as a basis to find the best exercises that will get results while being able to prescribe the correct intensity, sets, reps and rest periods based off your hormonal ....

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  • Let's Simplify Your Fat Loss

    The main reason that you’re not happy with your weight is because of what you eat. It’s hardly your fault. Have you ever stopped to notice how many times you’re bombarded by food marketing each day? Ads come at you from magazine pages, T.V. commercials, on websites and billboards, each boasting of cheap, convenient and tasty ways to cure your hunger. The question “What’s for dinner?” has never been more complex than now. Extensive menu options and large entrees have distorted your concept of a proper meal, and before you know it you’ve fallen into the trap of the chain restaurant, the drive thru, and the take-out line. But wait – ....

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  • Never Crave Naughty Foods Again (Here's How)

    You wake up each morning with every intention of eating “good” today. You’ll skip the drive thru line on your way to work. You’ll refuse to get fast food with co-workers at lunch. You’ll boycott the vending machine in the mid-afternoon. And you won’t even think about having dessert after dinner. But then your cravings kick in… Your friend drops by with a big fluffy muffin and a latte for breakfast. A group of co-workers invite you to that greasy spoon down the street for lunch. Cake is passed around at the mid-afternoon staff meeting. And after dinner your honey surprises you with a bowl of your favorite ice cream. You tell yourself that ....

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  • This Is A True Story (Cautionary Tale)

    A woman sits at a restaurant studying the menu with furrowed brow. She has begun an exercise routine and knows that her frequent meals out could slow her weight loss results if she wasn’t careful. When the waiter comes she is still deep in thought over what to order. “What can I get for you?” he asks with a smile. She looks up and frowns, no closer to arriving at a decision. On a whim she blurts out, “I’m trying to eat healthy but I have no idea what to order. What do you think I should eat?” The young waiter looks startled but quickly rattles off his idea of a healthy meal. “The eggplant and roasted pepper pasta is filled with vegetables. You ....

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