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  • Personal Training using Circuits

    Personal Training using Circuits

    Personal Training using Circuits One system of muscle building that rarely gets its well-deserved attention is circuit training. About 50 years ago, this method of muscle training was seen in high schools and practiced in jungle gyms with various stations. Personal Trainers weren’t really using this method. It was more for strength coaches. A more recent application of weight training circuits are the sections to the back of the commercial gym, where senior citizens can engage in a half-hour of general fitness without pulling muscles or suffering fatigue and usually without a personal trainer. But if you are looking for a way to pack on slabs of brute force, you ....

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  • A Personal Trainers tip for Shoulder Pain

    A Personal Trainers tip for Shoulder Pain

    A Personal Trainers Tip for Shoulder Pain Shoulder injuries are some of the most common complaints that a personal trainer will come accross - affecting millions of people around the world. I see people every day who say "my shoulders don't feel right, or I get shoulder pain when trying to do this or that." If you have chronic shoulder pain, you should seek medical help to diagnose the problem and treat it. What I am going to talk about today is how to prevent shoulder injuries and pain. In fact, I can't diagnose your injury without examining your shoulder. That's what our Inpower Assessment help identify. Personal Trainers should have some sort of assessment format in place when ever ....

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  • Personal Training to Build strength for a client

    Personal Training to Build strength for a client

    Functional hypertrophy is one of the most misunderstood coaching terms in modern strength training. When athletes, for example, come across the term they tend to think of muscle builders like Arnold Schwarzenegger winning another Mr. Olympia by hitting a double biceps or hulking out by Lou Ferrigno as a superhero. However, it is actually a lot more complicated than that. From a point of view, functional hypertrophy can be an ideal way to get the fastest results possible for a client Functional hypertrophy can be defined as strategic muscle growth to improve physical performance. The Webster dictionary defines it as "excessive development of a part or organ" and an "increase in bulk (as in ....

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  • The Personal Training approach to training women

    The Personal Training approach to training women

    It is no stretch of the imagination to see that women who train properly can reach incredibly high levels of strength and power. Naturally, there are some important differences between male and female physiology. This may be the reason that men have a naturally higher potential for reaching greater muscle mass. For personal trainers there is a few factors to consider. There is a speed component in weightlifting, therefore it is considered a powersport. Women’s records reach about 80% of the records held by men. The absolute world record held by women in the snatch is 160kgs and 200 kgs in the clean and jerk. Do you think very many rugby league players can equal that record? Many ....

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  • A Personal Trainers tip for eating breakfast every day

    A Personal Trainers tip for eating breakfast every day

    The Benefits Of Eating Breakfast Every Day One popular quote is “Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince and eat dinner like a pauper”. It is a saying that has been used by our grandparents to pass over their wisdom to our generation. Personally, me being a personal trainer I ensure I eat my breakfast like a king, always trying to include meat and nuts in the meal. Additionally, my friends and clients have all the confidence in this “principle” because of the energy, drive and focus it gives. This feeding theory has gained considerable support in science as well. For many people, there are mass health, performance and physical benefits of eating ....

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  • What makes our Personal Training different from our competitors

    What makes our Personal Training different from our competitors

    Here Is How We Can Help You Become A Champion in the gym … The recent advancements in the field of sports medicine have made it possible for injured athletes to heal quicker and return to the top of their game at a much faster rate. However, despite these developments as well as access to superior coaching techniques, the number of athletes and people sustaining sports injuries in the field and work continues to rise with each passing day. Based on my personal experience, I can attest that if a personal trainer wants an athlete or client under their charge to excel in a certain sport or daily living while at the same time minimizing their risk of injury while in the field, the ....

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  • Strength Training Techniques for Personal Training

    Strength Training Techniques for Personal Training

    Two of the hottest topics currently in the personal training and strength training field are periodization and overtraining. In the past, most training methods used by personal trainers came from the Iron Game. That is why in the recent past, and often now as well, over-zealous Pt’s design programs comprised of the Arnold Schwarzenegger blitz biceps workout, the bench press routine from Bill Kazmaier, and the Bulgarian pulling cycling. Then there was the periodization concept and Russia's weightlifting system involving percentages progression. Fortunately, the current strength training field has progressed significantly over the last several years and has a lot to offer when it ....

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  • Strength Training For The Beginner

    Strength Training For The Beginner

    In this article we are going to be talking about the best Strength Training for the Beginner. “The best workout program is the one you’re not using.” is a motto in which there is some wisdom, even though the design of a workout program is not very simple. There are many early studies regarding weight training that have attempted to find out the best single program for set/rep training. Being a Personal Trainer is about doing to appropiate research that is proven time after time One example is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 5×5 method that was has made popular by his mentor Reg Park, who was himself a Mr, Universe, and played the role of Hercules in the movies. Reg ....

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  • Strength Training Eccentrics

    Strength Training Eccentrics

    Your Guide to Eccentric Training The bodybuilder and Personal trainer that’s most strongly linked to eccentric strength training is also someone that is known for idiosyncrasy: Arthur Jones. Jones caught the attention of followers thanks to his passion for alligators and his love of going on safaris in Africa. He was also a marketing master that helped make Nautilus and MedX a success. Of course, eccentricity isn’t something that people are just born with. No one described Jones as an eccentric until after he was one of the fitness industry’s most successful members and personal trainers. People don’t describe a person as an eccentric unless they’ve ....

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  • Gym North Sydney @Inpower Fitness

    Inpower Fitness thrives as the standout gym in North Sydney When I started by personal training business over 15 years ago, I had a dream to one day have a facility and a brand that not only got results but would create a community of clients that believed in my process and who looked to me for inspiration and direction. That’s how my Gym in North Sydney was developed with that in mind. My constant determination to have research proven strategies for fat loss has led me to helping thousands of people lose weight over the years. I not only credit my success to hard work within the industry but from also the direction of my mentors which have helped me create a unique brand for ....

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